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Furniture projects
    Greetings! This page is home to Kevin Moyles' photo galleries. Everything from climbing and skiing adventures to great times shared with friends. This page, like my life will be constantly changing so check back often to see what I've been up to!



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Wonderful William, June, 2016

New blog format!

Nonna to the rescue, May, 2016

Grandparent love

SJ2016: The Ocho, May, 2016

San Juan kayak trip in its eighth year

Royal blues, May, 2016

A rainy push into Royal Basin

New tricks, May, 2016

The little man figures it out

Wish they all could be California babies, April, 2016

A trip to Joshua Tree, CA

Six months of adorable, April, 2016

Learning about the world

Wallowa Wonder, March, 2016

Ski touring with fun friends and my favorite mama

March Madness, March, 2016

Our tiny mountain man gets around

February Fazul, February, 2016

Even more fun times in town and country

February Fakeout, February, 2016

More fun times around the town

Blue Sky, February, 2016

A mover and a shaker

Travelin' Man, January, 2016

A tiny man about town

Winter Wonderland, January, 2016

Rain or shine, snow or sleet, William delivers the cute

All in the Family, December, 2015

Grandma and Grandpa come to hang out

Living for the city, November, 2015

Baby adventures in Portland

Turkey-ish Delight, November, 2015

William's first road trip

5 weeks in the bullpen, November, 2015

Working out the new swing of things

Into the wild blue yonder, October 31, 2015

Easing back to our wonderful life with a new little buddy

Coming Home, October 24, 2015

After a lengthy labor and hospital stay, baby William moves to Hunt St

It's a boy!, October 16, 2015

Introducing William Patrick Moyles

Visiting Snow, August 2015

A few days in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness

The loss of a great friend, August 2015

Remembering Bruno

Picket-a-thon, August 2015

A few days bushwhacking up Luna Peak

Ride on!, July 2015

A few days bike touring on San Juan Island

Reminds me of the Babe. What babe? The babe with the power!, June 2015

Life and times of a Northwest pregnancy

Basking in the Blue, May 2015

10 Days of Sun and Sailing

Rocking the Red, April 2015

Climbing at Red Rocks

Wallowing in snow, mud and rain, March 2015

Wallowas provide, man

Big News, February 2015

The Hamburgler would like to say a few words

Every day is a ho-liday, December 2014

Three cheers for winter at home and on a windy ridge in California

Mountain Days, December 2014

Hiking and skiing in Oregon

Just Keep Unicorning, November 2014

A dressy weekend in San Fransisco

Just Keep Clipping, October 2014

A sunny weekend in Tieton

Just Keep Poking, September 2014

Poking around Port Townsend

Just Keep Walking, September 2014

A quick trip up Mt Stuart

Just Keep Paddling, September 2014

Paddling through 25 miles of crystal clear water

Just Keep Swimming, August 2014

Rachel swims through 10k of crystal clear water

Seattle to Texas, July 2014

Working out of town and an out of town party in our own backyard

A Trip to Trotter's Field, June 2014

A day of wacky wanderings at the Oregon Country Fair

Charmed and Enchanted, June 2014

A visit from Karl and Mima and a climbing trip in Leavenworth

Enchanted and Charmed, June 2014

A few unexpected days off brings us North to the enchanted fairy wonderland

Rain in the Canadian Gulf, May 2014

Stepping out onto the highway

Don thine lederhosen, April 2014

A much needed long weekend in the granite hills

Wunderbar woods, April 2014

Dusting off the skins for some spring skiing

Spring Skiing Already, March 2014

Hard to believe it's t-shirt weather already

Newburyport Newborns, February 2014

A whirlwind work trip to New England

Cool Colorado, March 2014

A few days with friends and family in a rectangular state

Sunny California, February 2014

A couple days in the desert is good for the soul

Whistle while you schuss, January 2014

A few days in the left side North Country

Happy holidays, December 2013

A whirlwind trip through the North Country

Another Sunny Sunriver, November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving with just enough snow to slide

Underground recreation, October 2013

Plan B and C in Tuolumne and Bishop

Marriage in St Lou, September 2013

Congrats to Lauren and Jeff

Marriage in the hills, September 2013

Congrats to Arianne and Billy

Snake in the grass, September 2013

Rafting the mighty Snake river

Just Keep Swimming, August 2013

Rachel takes on the Canadian distance swimmers

Bruno's Basket, July 2013

Bruno goes for a ride at another Sunday Parkways

Barrels of Fun at Treetop Farms, July 2013

A sunny weekend and a friendly distance swim at Timothy Lake

It's like Christmas in July!, July 2013

A midnight run up Mt Adams and a slippery ski down

Tropical Storm Natalie, June 2013

A quick hop to South Carolina to meet a new addition to the family

Rainbows and cake, May 2013

Another fabulous trip to the San Juan Islands

Get one out of the back and Tie-it-on, April, 2013

A wonderful escape from the real world to go climbing in the forest

Bruno goes to the beach, April, 2013

Emma pitches a tent. Bruno sleeps outside.

Oh my blossom deary, April, 2013

A fwe days visit with the fam

Sunny days, March, 2013

Bruno's 10th birthday and a sunny day on Mt St. Helens

The pow is as high as an elephant's eye, February, 2013

4 days of sick powder skiing at Three Sisters Backcountry

Turns and trails and puppy dog tails, February, 2013

Bruno gets a taste of the mountain dog life

Superbowl Sunday, February, 2013

Enjoying our own blackout skiing in Clark Canyon

Happy Birthday to All and To All a Good Night January, 2013

3rd annual birthday bike ride and a quick trip up the mountain in the new snow

Cold Snap January, 2013

Bruno's new indoor habits and a quiet day on the river

Tahoe Adventure 2012

A few days away from it all in a winter wonderland

Winter Funtimes December 2012

An assortment of winter delights

Heavy Snow Warning December 2012

Diving into the blizzard

An Impromptu Nor'easter December 2012

A quick trip right

TG2012, November 2012

Another funtime Sunriver Thanksgiving

West coast strut, November 2012

Hiking and skiing with friends all around Oregon

Bon Anniversaire (de Marriage), October 2012

Celebrating our paper anniversary with mass transit tickets in SF

Catching up (again), August-September 2012

Kevin has been travelling extensively for work, catching up again

Virginia is for lovers, July 2012

Family Reunion at Lake Gaston 2012

Catching up, June-July 2012

We dropped the photo ball when summer started!

How can they see with San Juan in their eyes?, May 2012

Jazz hands and high kicks mark this years kayak trip

Nieces in Nola, May 2012

A trip south for Jazzfest and to visit the nieces

Giggles and Gauguin, April 2012

Just two days in Seattle

You Lightning up my life, April 2012

A trip east to blow things up with lightning and visit the fam

Catching up, Feb-Apr 2012

A sick spring trip to Whistler
A snowy hike up Saddle Mountain with Cindy and Jeff
Skiing Polallie Ridge with Karl, Andy and Steph

Rad times in the wild West, Jan-Feb 2012

Hanging out in the Emerald City
Birthdays and bike tires
A weekend in Colorado with Rick & Kim and Anthony & Cara

La Nia brings Nna, January, 2012

Snow in Portland, and a visit from Anthony, Catherine and baby Nna
The post viral photo set

Plan B, December, 2011

Dangerous conditions in the backcountry means powder days on the lifts

Earning our Spurs, December, 2011

A night at Tilly Jane and an afternoon touring around on Cooper Spur

Hug your feet, December 2011

Breaking in a new pair of boots before a 5 day ski tour in Alberta

We're back ladies and gentleman! November 2011

Lucia is all bundled up for the winter
2011 Thanksgiving in Sunriver

Is Mr. Sanders in?, Oct 30. 2011

Party hopping with the regular crew

Shelter me timbers, Oct 23-24. 2011

Keeping Ms. Lucia under wraps

We got hitched!, Oct. 2011

What we've been up to for the past 7 weeks - Thanks Joe for the photos!

No bears in camp but Bruno, Sept. 2011

Fun times at Timothy lake

Deer and Goats and Bears, Oh My!, August, 2011

Actual Fierce Creatures in the Olympic Peninsula

Fierce Creatures, August, 2011

Bruno lays about in town and country

Of Sea and Sky, July, 2011

A jaunt up North Early Winter's Spire in the North Cascades
A swim race series in the Cascade Lakes

The Egret has landed!, July 21, 2011

Lucia rests comfortably in the driveway

Two terrific trips, July 12-20, 2011

A trip to the coast with Clay and Bruno and off to Portland with Lucia

Liberating Lucia, July 9-10, 2011

A whirlwind trip up north to prep Lucia for transport

Action packed weekend, July, 2011

A visit from Vogel and everyone racing but me

The devil is in the details, June 18, 2011

Another visit to the CT35 and a 4K swim race on the coast

Pictures of Bruno helped me sleep at night, June 9-13, 2011

Boat shopping, Canadian sightseeing and hiking with a 6lb Pomeranian

Headed to Hagg, June 5-6, 2011

1st swim race of the season

Go North, young man! May, 2011

Another blissful three days in the San Juan Islands

Eddie, are you kidding?, May, 2011

Ethell was a tree growing off of his shoulder

Panda Expedition 2011, May 10-15, 2011

Five days on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River

Big holes in the boat, April 22-24, 2011

Fitting deck hatches
Hull and deck come together!

It is a cellular peptide cake, with sprinkles, April 16-18, 2011

Sunny days are here again and the boat shop glows with carbon fiber

Hit the deck!, April 8-11, 2011

Aunt Cheryl comes to visit and the kayak deck moves towards completion

Shiver me timbers, March, 2011

Milling old beams and hiking in the rain

Adult cakes and suggestive chocolate, Mar 3-6. 2011

Kevin and Rachel go to Boston

From snowing to stripping, Feb 21. 2011

Skiing with Tom, Dick and Harry and finishing up the kayak hull

Raven is in the Owl's nest. White lightning strikes at midnight. Feb 09. 2011

An amazing trip skiing in the Three Sisters Wilderness

How many birthdays cycles can fit in a dartboard?, Jan 29. 2011

Happy birthday to Clay, Hanmi, Andy and Gina!

How many skiiers can fit in a igloo?, Jan 22-23. 2011

Snow camping on the Oregon Trail

How many crawfish can fit in a telephone booth?, Dec 24-28. 2010

Anthony and Catherine get married in NOLA

How many college students can fit in a telephone booth?, Dec 24-28. 2010

Thanks to everyone for a lovely holiday

Who is the patron saint of volcanos?, Dec 5. 2010

Skunked by bad snow on St. Helens

Shredding the Gnar, Nov. 2010

Another thanksgiving with the very best of friends

Proto Ketchup!, Oct. - Nov. 2010

Rachel's birthday and halloween parts 1, 2, and 3
Wedding in Niagara Falls, ON (eh?)
Earning the first ski tracks of the year

We're engaged!, October 2010

Bruno has a new papa

No more subfloor slivers, October 2010

New kitchen tile as we pluck the last of the summer vegetables

We're all out standing in our fields, October 2010

Bruno gets a bath and Lauren and Jeff come to visit

It's easy to grin when your ship comes in, September 2010

Christening of Libellula

Fall preview, September 2010

Vegetables, boats, and a visit from Mima

The Life Aquatic with Bruno Hudson, August 2010

Friends and family in town to enjoy a little Oregon summer splendor

Sailing away, July 2010

A lovely day on the water and some more shop projects

Beautiful weather is here to stay, June 2010

Swim races and sailing
Crater lake and 5K swim race

One if by bike, two if by sea, June 2010

Swim race in Foster lake and Sunday Parkways NoPo

Just around the corner, June 2010


Flying off into the sunset, May 2010

A short but amazing trip to Moab in Andy's plane
Lucky enough to catch the desert in bloom, a collection of plants and animals
The Full Monty, 177 photos, click if you dare

More fun in the sun, May 2010

3 days on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River

Fun in the sun, April 2010

Skiing, gardening, sailing and cycling

Access issues?, March 2010

Finding new routes abroad and to the network

Trip to the frozen white north, eh?, Feb 14-21 2010

Seven days in Banff makes one "SIC POW"

Another week of all nighters, Jan 18-25 2010

Can't go to bed until your homework is done!

Two glorious weeks in the snow, December 23-Jan 3, 2009-10

Home work, Lake Tahoe, TJ09

Winter delight, November 25-29, 2009

Powdery deliciousness descends about Mt Bachelor

No stairway to heaven, November 15, 2009

Various house projects and such

Born on the bayou, October 30-2, 2009

Happy birthday to Rachel down in New Orleans!
Last day in NOLA, clear flight home and the latest kitchen update

Up, out and away, October 2009

Tearing down the walls in the kitchen

Me and Ernie down at the fish lake, September 2009

Surprise visit to the folks new house down south

Hello Mr. Ding, where are your brothers Lee and Bill?, August 2009

Building lots of things out of wood to replace lots of things made of metal.

Anything a rabbit can do to a log, July 2009

Over, under, through and through, everything is better with fire.

Chasing the clouds away, July 2009

Sunny days usher the repeated appearance of the boat, the trad rack and a desire to finish the front porch

Where has Kevin been for the past 5 weeks?, June 2009

I say with Nabukov; I am a poet, not a postman! I have no message.

Strawberry rhubarb paddles, May 23-25, 2009

You know rhubarb, and the rhubarb that rhubarb would cause...

Winged Xiphoid Yurts when I Zag, May 16, 2009

Hang gliding at Cape Kiwanda and Gilde learns the magic of the chuckit

Elevation to a higher plane, May 4, 2009

Five staircases and a windsurfing day to beat the band

Some new additions to the family, April 12, 2009

Came home this weekend with a little red tree and a little blue car!

Here comes the sun, April 4, 2009

6 pounds of beef steak, one vegan and a leaky radiator

Weekend projects, Feb 29, 2009

Japanese joints, and all-American steel

There's a hole in the bucket dear Eliza, Feb 23, 2009

Remodeling the basement stairs and fixing the foundation in the process

Whistle while you work, Feb 4, 2009

Got lucky with two days of storms at Whistler

It'll be a cold day in August, Feb 7, 2009

Climbing and skiing St Helens on a picture perfect February day

Playing catch up, Jan 2009

A few odds and ends and new projects - will be updating as the photos pour in

Escaping burial by snow, Dec 20-31, 2008

2600 miles and three boxes of Junior Mints later

What happened to November?, Dec 10, 2008

Photo catchup from Nov

Winter rules, improving my (in)lay, Nov 10, 2008

Random projects in the fall

High times NE, Oct 26, 2008

The best of friends tie the knot and a few days climbing in the gunks

Multisport weekend NW, Oct 19, 2008

Splashing with sea creatures and grunting with landlubbers

Happiness is a snake in the vast, Oct 10, 2008

3 days of whitewater rowing on Hells Canyon

House projects, Oct 6, 2008

I've seen fire and I've seen rain

Get out of town, Sept 28, 2008

A few days in Leavenworth to clear out the cobwebs

Buckin' the iron horse, Sept 14, 2008

Big thanks to Lincoln for helping me remove my oil tank

What's he building in there?, Sept 1, 2008

Projects that have caused my recent dissapearance

Get out of town! Aug 24, 2008

A small taste of island living, less than five miles from home!

Back to work, Aug 12, 2008

Some offshore outfitting in teak

Fly day!, Aug 02, 2008

The Funky Four Plus One More take third in crowd favorite!

Roll on out, spread your wings and fly!, July 28, 2008

Skate and airplane come together at last

Where's Waldo? He was eaten by mosquitos..., July 26, 2008

Decompressing for the weekend with clear water and a cloudy mind

Shall I compare this to a summer's day? It's awfully nice out!, July 20, 2008

Buildin', diggin' and sailin'

Excuse me bud, there's a bug in my tub in need of a rub, July 14 2008

House projects and the flugtag wing frames

Who will be the wind beneath our wings?, July 13, 2008

Hang gliding pictures up at last!

Pardon me waiter, I think there is a flug in my tag, June 30, 2008

Starting work on the flugtag skate

Celtics, that's basketball, right?, June 16, 2008

Assorted hijinks with the Moyles boys

Try the back door, June 9, 2008

12 hours of work all leading up to a single "I make a better door than a window" joke

They were out of skittle starts at the Oregon candy farm, June 4, 2008

Back into the swing of things, home projects galore!

Fruity cocktail, fruity cocktail, got me on the wrong page again, May 22, 2008

5 days on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River

Working under a large ball of fire, May 16, 2008

Boat party, kitchen demo, fence removal, deck framing all in the hottest weekend of the year...

While they strip her bottom I'll fit the seacocks, May 7, 2008

Giulietta is hauled for bottom paint and needs new thruhull valves

The mort-ship of sheddie's father, May 4, 2008

After another week in Texas, getting back into the swing of things

Let there be light, April 21, 2008

And light control; "Cans and curtains '08"

Scary electrical work and finally moving in, April 10, 2008

No electrons were harmed in the filming of this webpage

Il legno lucido. Dove si trova il bagno?, March 31, 2008

Floor finish is down and starting to attack the bathroom

The Illustrious Buddha se encontro en Tejas, March 23, 2008

It all comes down to the wire laying down floor finish before a week's trip to Houston

Edging, gouging, filling and more stain samples, March 19, 2008

And everything in between

Paint parties and my weekend in the sand, March 16, 2008

A great big thank you to all my friends who came out to help me paint

Ripping more guts out, March 10, 2008

Two fewer walls and 'fire' in the dining room

Ripping the guts out, March 3, 2008

House renovations are under way

House Inspection, Jan 24, 2008

Some photos of my new 86 year old house during the inspection

Bluebird day on St Helens, Jan 13, 2008

A less lazy climb to 8000 ft with a gaggle of backcountry lovers

First backwoods powder of the year!, Jan 1, 2008

A lazy jaunt up windy Mt. St. Helens with Clay and Mary

Winter sailing and Santacon, Dec 7-8, 2007

Zero boats and 600 santas make Portland a wonderful place to live

Thanksgiving in Sunriver, Nov 22-25, 2007

Good friends and the best 7" of snow ever!

Sure Power Trip to China, Nov 03-17, 2007

Day 1-2: 25 hours of travel and skipping day 3 at the dateline
Day 4: Sleeping off jet lag, wandering about Tainan and Buddha hunting with Tu
Day 5: Visiting extruder, fabricator, and several machine shops
Day 6: Anodizing house, country lunch gone aflame and the Tainan night market
Day 7: Die caster, another trip to "Whole Foods" and an even bigger night market
Day 8: Taiwan-Macau-Shenzhen and PCA house tour
Day 9: Paperwork day at PCA house and the knock-off market
Day 10: Shenzhen and cultural center
Day 11: Fabricator and large CNC house
Day 12: Long trip to see a fantastic die caster
Day 13-14: Camera shy board house and transit to Shanghai
Day 15-16: Suzhou die caster, lakeside lunch, camera shy machine shop

Dancin in the moonlight, Sept 27-30, 2007

After many laborious weeks Giulietta has reached a new level of sexiness down below

Oh what a beautiful morning, Aug 6-13, 2007

The sun rains down and the sky is falling

San Juan Islands, June 29-1, 2007

Sending off a cross country cycle tour and poking around Orcas Island

Climbnig at Smith Rocks, June 16-17, 2007

WIMR and up the Pioneer

Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-28, 2007

Sailing in solitude and a jaunt up Mt Adams

Short stay in upstate NY, May 11-13, 2007

Sent to Rochester for work, hopped a train to Albany for Mother's Day

Blast from the Past, May 13, 2007

Grown up musings on a childhood 3000 miles ago

Climbing at Smith Rocks, April 7-8, 2007

Don't miss our trip to Peterson's Rock Garden

First race of the season, March 31, 2007

RCYC Frostbite 2007!

Sailing season is upon us, March 14, 2007

Happy Pi day!

Random winning weekend, March 12, 2007

Night skiing in the rain, paddling in the sun and bow repair on a CAL 20

Blizzard at Skibowl, February 25, 2007

Beam me up to Scotty's

President's day weekend, February 20, 2007

Chainsaws, sun, snow, and hitchhiking snowpersons

Superbowl XLI, February 3, 2007

A Portland celebration of snow, water, torture devices, cookies and a new baby

Red day in the berth, January 29, 2007

A gorgeous winter night on the river and a glorious brew assisted celebration

Yellow after the rain, January 18, 2007

As much as I want more people to get into sailing, I enjoy having the whole river to myself! Camera is still broken...

Holy crap what is this white stuff falling from the sky!?, January 16, 2007

Portland shuts down but I'm still driving 30 miles to work

My Christmas in Hyalite, December 25-30, 2006

Fatty ice and 1500 miles bring Kevin and Moira to some spectacular climbing

Long Thanksgiving in Sunriver, November 21-24, 2006

Snow, more snow, lots of turkey and a little whitewater

4 Days on the Klamath river in northern CA, October 12-16, 2006

Sunshine and fruity cocktail

More boat work, October 24, 2006

Anchor platform shapes up

Coaxing my camera to work for another day, October 6, 2006

More beautiful carpentry and stupid camera tricks

Coaxing my camera to work for a day, September 30, 2006

Some beautiful horizons and equally beautiful carpentry!

Hobie 18 Maiden Voyage, May 21 2006

She's a cutie!

Mojito Cruise, May 12 2006

10+ on a CAL 25. Who knew?

Birthday Season, May 3-8 2006

Par-tay at Amnesia. Happy b-day to me!
Sailing with Megan
Road trip to SLC for HNL's birthday

Smith Rocks, March 29-30, 2006

A weekend away from the city

Random life photos, March 21-24, 2006

Sailing, Surfing and Hockey

Sailing and skiing for Easter weekend! March 15-17, 2006

Easter sailing with Tamar, Clay, Christine, Andy, Laura and Vanessa
Easter skiing with Clay

Sunriver cabin weekend! March 16-19, 2006

Skiing in the trees and some Sunday boatin'

Kelly's birthday weekend in Bend! February 18, 2006

Skiing, snowshoeing and playing with adorable Sasha

A sunny, very windy day in February! February 9, 2006

Time to dust off the heavy weather sails and bust out the socket wrench

A sunny day in February! February 7, 2006

Giulietta was feeling a little neglected lately, time to spend some quality time

Skiing at Meadows, December 28, 2005

Diving into heather canyon with Keith

Skiing at Meadows, December 4, 2005

Another spectacular powder day with Andy, Laura and Laura

Mobster Party, December 3, 2005

Lots of shady characters wish Alicia and Eric a happy birthday

Thanksgiving at SunRiver, November 24-27, 2005

Eating, drinking, soaking, skiing, and just plain having a good time with the greatest friends one could ask for

Lift skiing at Meadows, November 11, 2005

A beautiful and empty day on the mountain with Carrie and Laura

Weekend escape to Orcas Island, November 11, 2005

Good times and beautiful surroundings in the San Juan Islands

Self-powered skiing at Meadows, November 6, 2005

Preseason skinning and skiing with Heath, Andy and Sidney Jane

Climbing, October 22, 2005

Climbing at Smith with Tamar, Andy, Amy, Jim, Hanmi and Susan

Paddling on the Illinois, May 21-22

What a trip this was!




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