Aug. - Sept. 2011: Delivery


    We've done all the measurements, spoken to the neighbors and clarified no issues with city ordinances. Stands and keel blocking are ready and we're just awaiting the arrival of the truck.


    And here it is! The masts have been dropped off at a marine storage yard. No sense donating them to the neighborhood tweakers as aluminum scrap. Now we just have to make the biggest three point turn in history and we'll be good to go.


    No worries. As I've missed the driveway on occasion with a 22' long hatchback I know that I'll never make it as a truck driver.


    Here she is, resting comfortably in the driveway. Color-blind me never realized the bottom paint was the same color as the house until everyone we know pointed it out. It was purely accidental :o) We're likely painting the topsides a more interesting color anyway and will need to renew the bottom paint with a non-copper variety to comply with new local laws.


    Still plenty of room to park the car in the driveway. As we'll be going up and down 20 times a day for the next two years we have decided we'll need a more permanent ladder.


    Some butterflies check out the new arrival.


    We went out to check on the masts in storage. Everything looks good here. While we were here we measured for their winter covers.


    The beginning of the end. The end of free space in the basement once we start moving stuff down here off the boat.


    Running rigging. We'll renew the teak blocks which all have bronze roller bearings inside. Old school high tech!


    Here's the ladder coming together. Nice wide steps and a fixed angle base to keep her from dancing around while we work.


    Here we go! A nice sturdy work ladder. Maybe we can make a tree house out of the ladder when we're done with this project.


    Starting to remove even more equipment from the boat. Bruno wanted to take a ride on the milk-crate express.


    The first of the last, lots of big heavy things to haul down. Wait until you see the contraption we'll need to haul out the engine!