October 2011: Work Shelter


    A sweet farewell to Giulietta. She's been a great boat for the past 7 years and we'll miss her dearly. Here she is finishing up a lift survey. Next on the new boat list is to build a work structure to facilitate drying out and replacing the pilothouse structure and deck work.


    Everything ever built starts with one straight line. Then we measured the skew of the boat vs the driveway and plotted the correct rotation to lay the rest of the baseline. From here we designed a arch-like structure that fits within the edges of the driveway and over the boat with comfortable room to stand on deck.


    Dropping measurements off the gunwales to make sure our arches won't crash into the sides of the boat as the arches get tighter higher up.


    We are using 14oz VLP fabric for the covering. About 100 times more durable than blue tarp and about the same price wholesale. Bruno double checks the measurements as I cut the panels from the 100 yard roll.


    Lumber is delivered and it's time to start the sawdust flying!


    Bruno is supervising the layout of the baseplates. If we screw up here the arches won't fit correctly and he doesn't want us taking it all down again.


    First arch in place! We're using 2x6 uprights and 2x4 rafters with plywood scabs for some extra support while we raise them. The lath and vinyl will provide all the transverse rigidity the structure needs. Each arch has the same angles and uprights but varies the length of the rafters to make the shape and height needed to provid headroom, clear the gunwales and fit the driveway.


    A big thanks to Don and Clay for coming out to lend hands to this endeavor. Most of the structure went up in a day.


    It's an old fashioned barn raising! We cleated off the uprights and hauled up each arch, then carried them back to the correct position and fastened to the baseplate, then installed cross braces.


    Affixing arches one by one...


    All finished! Not bad for a day and a half's work.


    "Spaceship driveway". Installing lath upon which to stretch the vinyl.