November 2011: Electrical and Engine


    We're back ladies and gentleman! We've put up the vinyl and it's dry as a bone up top. Now to close off the ends and tuck away the excess.


    We have work lights up and are ready for the dark, rainy Portland winter to descend upon us.


    Here is the view from our backyard. Almost looks like a party tent.


    Accommodating the davits and closing off the stern. Gotta keep the raccoons out!


    Now to start on the electrical. No other place to start but the bow I suppose. I almost can't wait to tear out this bulkhead but first things first...


    This is the wire run from the equipment case in the cockpit to the engine and other electronics; the main electrical "conduit" in the boat. This wiring should be neat, clean, clearly labeled and easy to service. It is not a single one of those things. Good thing we have lots of time...


    Here's the top end of this mess. I'm almost glad we have to replace the wall to which this case attaches because it gives us another reason to pull this spaghetti out.


    Engine compartment and other wiring runs. I'm not the wiring police but most of this is lamp cord and orange extension cord. I've broken off at least a dozen crimp lugs where the wire was simply corroded through. If that wasn't argument enough to shell out for tin plated copper I don't know what is.


    Raw water pump needs some love. Broke off a cover screw and the inlet broke off in my hand. Yes, you read correctly, the bronze inlet adapter that is below the waterline broke off in my hand before I even put a wrench to it. Also a few broken vanes and a gross sludge throughout. Good thing we're going through it before we put any serious miles on the system.


    Starting to tear apart the head. The original cabinet door hinges were gone and had been replaced by face hinges haphazardly tacked to the bottom (?). Other than a new aft bulkhead and new plumbing all this compartment really needs is a good bath.