February 2012: Deck Work


    Oh the pedestal. I was hesitant to even touch this thing but in the interest of being able to steer at sea I caved in and decided to pull it and inspect that parts I couldn't see. Boy was that a double edged sword. The worst part of the whole experience was that the first bolt of five came out with no trouble. Socket, bolt heat, pull, turn-turn-turn, rusty bolt comes out of the hole. Not so with the other four 1/2" steel bolts which all broke either at the head or at the pedestal base. Even after removing/breaking off all the bolts, it still took me over 2 hours with wedges and jacks to pull this assembly up off the deck. Jeepers...


    It's hard to tell from the picture but geting this up without breaking anything was a major success. Fortunately, I had been saving a tall can of Rainier for just such an occasion so I wasn't unprepred for the victory.


    And here are the broken bolts. I didn't think it was possible to break 1/2" bolts with a 12" socket handle but then I'm wrong all the time. I guess that's why they call it a breaker bar...


    Removing more deck hardware. Rachel holds the bolt heads, I squirm into dark damp bug filled passages to get at the nuts. Now I know why she is smiling :o)


    Senor Bruno doesn't like it when we leave him alone in the house but he doesn't like being on the cold boat when we're banging around and using the vacuum either. Some days you just have to crawl under a frog blanket and beg for treats.


    Just about everything cleared from the deck but the mast flange and the staysail track. Chainplates are glassed to the hull internally (?) so they're staying put for the moment.




    First round of cleaning. We had to chew our way in a little deeper. This bulkhead is also up for replacement. It's amazing that there are three bulkheads in state of serious soggy delamination and all the rest are perfectly stiff. The causes of their soggyness were pretty evident during the inspection during a downpour so I'm confident that replacing the bulkheads and fixing the inherent leaks will keep this from happening again.