May 2012: Pilothouse Destruction


    Rough measuring for materials and windows to replace the pilothouse sides. We will be removing one "face" of the pilothouse at a time and replacing it to keep the structure intact. Before that we need to make sure our assumptions about through fastening and symmetry are correct, or at least close.


    We'll never be able to re-create these mushrooms on the new starboard coachroof...


    Look at my superhuman strength. Soggy plywood is no match for a good hip check.




    Here we have removed the sheathing layer. This was quite easy on this face because the plywood is already badly delaminated. Just a little peel and off it came. It will be more labor intensive on the other faces but this one will provide a good road map for where we need to be careful to preserve the deck and pattern dimensions.


    Implements of de-struction. Give a couple of kids some soda, a chisel and a prybar and let them go to town. Or better yet, don't!


    Miss Rachel on a tool run


    CAD model of the pilothouse sides. This will allow the window fabricators to match my wood parts. This also provides some measure of comfort for me to make sure everything will come together without lofting the whole thing full size. The bars across the windows are top-hinge opening, last summer we definitely determined a need for more cross-flow in the salon but to keep costs down we're only going to have three opening windows. We're keeping the window in front of the steering station free of visual impairment.


    "Color Me Jade". This is my paintbrush rendering of the color scheme we like. We will be mocking up a large panel to play with in different lights and wood species. Our biggest concerns are how hot it is likely to get in the sun (though we intend to cruise mostly in the PNW where sunlight is often in short supply) and how much visibility we will lose if we blend into the big green ocean.