July 2012: Final Pilothouse Destruction


    We somehoe never published a photo of the finished tarped work structure, so here it is from the outside!


    One of the first projects to be completed will be the replacement of the diesel tanks and the related woodwork after their mounting beds have been thoroughly cleaned and the tanks put on sleepers to prevent future corrosion issues. Rachel is prepping the boards that fit over the tanks for painting.


    Our flange is in, Edson wouldn't sell us a new base and new entire pedestals are in the $1,000s, we are going to fake it with this incredibly overqualified pipe flange. Our biggest problem now will be sealing up the unused boltholes.


    Both sides are off now, that required more than a few extra days of grunting. Whatever sealant was used to put these puppies on in the first place didn't want to let go, even with 3 foot prybars and rocking back and forth on the 26" tall wall. Good stuff!


    Here's a top-down view of the galley. Quite small by modern home and yacht standards but cozy in port and safe underway.


    Rachel models our new safety rails as the side decks have become 14" wide balance beams with the cabin sole 6' off one side and the driveway 12' off the other. Bruno is still having trouble walking across this section without fear.


    The first batch of our new windows is in, these are sliding, draining, screened windows that should open up the cabin considerably in the warm months. Heavy tempered glass and anodized powder coated aluminum frames is along the same lines of construction as you would find on military ships and aircraft.


    If anyone has one of these lying around drop us a line. They want $1200 for a rebuilt housing and much more for the entire unit. Looke like I'll be doing some thread repair this winter instead.


    In one ear and out the other. The top is the inlet side of this heat exchanger and the bottom the outlet, the coolant makes a u-turn at the other end. You can see how much garbage ended up in here.


    We're also looking for one of these, a 12" quadrant designed for a 1.5" square shaft. No luck so far at consignment shops around the country, will probably just have one machined out of Aluminum with holes for mounting a hydraulic autopilot arm and kill two birds with one expensive CNC operation.


    Here's the latest line drawing of the interior. I haven't had any luck finding any CT35 Pilothouse drawings or even the more common CT41 for that matter but this has been through a few iterations and measures up quite well to the actual boat.