August-September 2012: Engine pulling


    I spent most of August working at a test lab out of town so we didn't get much hard work done. We did move forward a lot of the electrical and hydronic heat planning so that will make those installations much easier when the time comes. Here is my homemade gantry, the carriage on top is cobbled together out of some scrap steel parts, some old drain pipe and only $13 of new parts (bearings that fit the pipe ID and the bolt OD). Many thanks to Joe for loaning us the chain hoist.


    We have to get the engine out with the transmission attached and this levelling bar made the lift quite easy and safe. Without it we would be picking up one side of the engine unevenly and dangling it for a good portion of the lift and unable to set it back down should anything go wrong. With this setup a few cranks during the lift changes the angle of the engine to allow it to slip out of the sole beam you can see in the photo.


    Wow, what a mess. I forget that the entire bilge used to be this gross. A few scrubs, a few quick jobs to renew the mounting timbers and we'll be ready to install new mounts.


    Here's the engine up on deck, or what Rachel likes to call the "Wild Boar". We'll remove the transmission, adapter plate and flywheel and mount it on an engine stand so we can flip it upside down.


    Here's Kevin removing the flywheel cursing whoever installed the clutch plate with 10-32 socket cap screws in a cast iron wheel. We only broke one and were able to easy-out the shaft out without damaging anything else. Off to a good start!


    Just about ready to mount to the stand, need to modify the arms to fit such a tiny engine!