October 2012: Engine and hull work


    Pulling the head off the engine. This went pretty smoothly besides the injectors dumping crud into the cylinder. Luckily we're opening everything up anyway.


    This is good news, everything inside looks pretty clean and shiny. Just a little carbon to be cleaned up. Will have a better idea of whats going on when we open up the crankcase.


    Rachel cleans up the last of the gunk from under the engine where we couldn't previously reach with the engine in place. We'll paint all of this now and mount the new deep bilge pump while it's easy!


    Here is the starboard diesel tank and some settee boards getting painted. This will be the last of the outdoor painting this year as it's becoming fall which means <60 degree nights. All the small finishing projects like this will be done in the basement until the springtime.


    Speaking of fall, last year we spent many days cleaning up leaves and other debris in a soggy mess under the shelter. We decided to put up a winter coat this year to keep some of this out and hopefully make the shelter retain a little more of the daytime heat.


    Removing the first of the rotten lazarette bulkheads. This is the perfect time of year to do this as you can be bundled up in long sleeves and masks and not sweating your bollocks off nor shivering as you lay in awkward dark positions.


    We prepped the hull for the new bulkhead so we only have to do the grinding/cleaning once for this job. Before we removed the old one we scribed a few dozen tick stick lines for plotting and cutting the replacement.


    Sailing is fun! For everyone who needs a wakeup call for the amount of work that goes into a project like this, here we are in the rain at Debby's marine storage yard. We are doing the yearly checking/cleaning of the masts and also taking some measurements for some electrical and rigging projects that will go on this winter.