November 2012: Putting it all back


    Test fitting stbd side pilothouse template and new windows


    View from the inside, took a few tries to get the new window geometry to look right. We do this with the template before we commit to the marine ply


    Rough scarfing plywood panels, will clean up with a hand plane from here. Each side is two 26"x10'x5/8" panels laminated together.


    Prepping tank lockers for paint. Diesel tanks will be among the first things to be reinstalled, this is hopefully the last time we'll be in here to paint for another decade so we're taking our time on the drainage and paint prep.


    Also prepping the deep bilge we won't be able to paint once the engine goes back in. We're smoothing the super rough and wobbly texture of the bilges so they'll be easier to keep clean in the future. Also making small fixes to the engine beds.


    Prepping the forepeak to (eventually) recieve her new ring bulkhead


    Bitts and partners "before" photo. Took a lot of scrubbing to even get to this point, will be reconstructing much of this space in the next few months.


    Engine driveline and exhaust routing. Also a good view of how everything but the hull in this boat is wooden. No molded liners in 1975.


    Stbd tank locker renewal, coat 2


    Deep bilge and port tank locker renewal, coat 1