December 2012: Winter Delight


    Winter storms have been pulling the nails out of the ridgetop strip for awhile and we've been keeping it under control with tarp clips and a tensioned rope to allow for some give and then to snap back. This storm just tore the whole thing off. We replaced it with a new one tied to every frame and that has been holding up marvelously.


    Another scarf joint ready to glue. It's always that last 1/8" of gap that seems to take the longest.


    Oil pan removed, everything inside the crankcase looks marvelous.


    Attempt #1 to pull the prop, this resulted in a broken puller arm. Thanks Harbor Freight.


    Laying out scarf overlaps, each side panel is an inconvenient 10'x26"x1.25" panel. That means three 8'x22" sheets of waste and two scarfs per side. We'll use the drops elsewhere in the boat but it's hard to stomach sometimes!


    All marked and ready to glue and clamp


    Pistons removed for decarbonizing. Rings look almost brand new, will measure them at work.


    Sealing the port lazarette bulkhead edges before installing


    Homemade puller. 1" FR4 (scrap) and 1/2" aluminum plate (scrap) with three 1/2-20 bolts and tall nuts. Coarse bolts didn't provide nearly enough pressure. This arrangement worked (finally) with a liberal application of heat. Knowing how much the yard will charge per hour to pull a prop we're going to keep this tool onboard.


    Marking the foredeck boards prior to removal. In addition to cleaning up the boards the sealant needs renewing. We may elect to go the epoxy route here.


    One of the results of failed sealant is water ingress into the transverse beams through the screw holes. This is a problem on this boat pretty much all around. The deck beams are screwed to the deck sandwich via these 3" #12 screws which are capped with sealant. As soon as the sealant begins to fail water then seeps into the beams rotting them from the inside out.


    Forepeak prepped for bulkhead ticking . As a bonus it is more accessible for easy repainting.


    Here's the rotted forepeak beam as previously mentioned. This goes directly below the aftmost black sealant section where all the screws are lined up. Will use it to scribe a new beam and that will kick off the bulklhead renewal.