February 2013: Glassin' it up here Boss


    New port Laz bulkhead, the blue is a minicell foam pad to manage void and to keep the bulkhead's rigidity from printing through and interrupting the fair curve of the hull as it flexes in the water.


    Rachel prepares some double bias strips for tabbing in the new bulkhead


    Armed with a bradpoint drill and a chisel, bungholes crumble in fear


    Second coat of deep bilge paint. Just slap it on. All you have to do is wipe, sand, wipe, abrade, roll, tip, and drip catch. Oh, and do it all while crawling. And breathing toxic vapor. In the cold. Three times. I'm having fun!


    Cockpit ready for decking removal shortly. We're going to see how the foredeck renewal goes first before diving into this one


    New quarterberth stringers. Believe it or not scribing two lines and cutting these freehand on the band saw was way easier than trying to measure them any other way. Not sure how you'd do it without a good bandsaw though. Or how you would do anything really.


    Scraping off the old polysulfide from the foredeck. Next to lay out the hawsepipe holes and figure out where to mount our classic Lewmar windlass


    Engine painting time! Scrubbing all the covers, tanks, adapters, housings, etc. So much gunk on eevrything!


    Bruno supervises the drying process, keeping dew drops at bay.