May 2013: Zoom zoom


    Oars for the dinghy: Our original oars are 8+ feet long and made of solid ash. Wonderfully durable but really heavy and not able to be shipped in our 10 foot dinghy. Here is the cedar spoon about to be attached to the hollow cedar shaft. This will all get sheathed in biaxial tube fiberglass and finished off with turned ash handles. Finished weight should be less than 2 lbs each and they will ship in the boat and be stowable in the lazarette.


    Rebuilding our rebuilt starter. For the uninitiated, there is really no such thing as a "marinized" starter, besides that rubber piece in the upper left, a higher quality paint on the housing and a healthy spritz of CRC spray inside. We'll no doubt be doing this again in a two or three years to keep things sliding.


    Bruno kept volunteeting to hold the crankshaft bar while we torqued the pulley nut. "And for my next trick I will saw this Pomeranian in half..." Needless to say we didn't let him continue but he was happy when he got a handful of frosted flakes.


    Testing mounts, all looks shipshape. Will do a final alignment when the shaft is installed (and the head is back from the machine shop) in a few weeks.


    Starting the hardcore bottom sanding with the rudder. Only another 18 hours to go!


    Rachel tests out the new bunkboards in the quarterberth.


    Last coat of paint on the starboard diesel tank. I get my basement back when this goes back in the boat!


    Miss Rachel puts in a few afternoon hours on the bottom prep


    Engine coming together, still waiting on the head rebuild but it shouldn't be long now!


    Mocking up the windlass placement for proper alignment with the bow rollers and fall to the chain locker. Next we cut some big holes in the deck and prep for reinstalling the teak!


    Work party #2: Andy prepares the cabin beams for installation


    Work party #2: Graham knocks out 5 more feet of the bottom prep


    Work party #2: Mary finishes up the port side deck prep


    Work party #2: Lincoln finishes the ceiling demo in the vberth


    After party in the v-berth.