June 2013: Progress Perspiration Percentage


    20 person-hours later the bottom is sanded and ready for minor fairing fixes and then barrier coat.


    All thru-hulls and underwater fittings are installed. Now she can float again!


    Sailboat work party , June 2013 edition. Clay starts the galley cabinet removal. We're saving a few of the teak face frames to use when we put this all back together.


    Miss Rachel preparing some of our test boards, we'll be varnishing some of the teak caprails soon, prior to painting the topsides. Before that we're going to do a test run of sanding and finishing on some of the more rectangular teak pieces we intend to re-use like the belaying pin racks and the mizzen traveler mount. Then we'll have a good idea of how it will go with the bigger projects.


    Graham sands away at the Port sidedeck. We'd be weeks behind without him.


    Dan is cleaning out the sealant and screws over the deck beams. We'll need to do a "just in case" epoxy job where these pierce the deck skin and re-bed all the fastener holes in sealant before installing the pilothouse frame which will render these holes inaccessible again forever. This was one of the major leak sources that caused the rotting of some of the deck beams and the bulkheads, best to do it right this time.


    Port diesel tank is installed. We're using the Stbd cover plate as a lifting eye, the proper plate for this tank is having fittings welded in for the diesel furnace and fuel level sending unit.


    Almost there! Just a few more hours and we'll be ready to prep this deck for the pilothouse installation.


    In fear of bending the bejezus out of this shaft both before the endine goes in when it will be totally unsupported and after when there is a 38" unsupported section we fitted a UHMW block about 1/8" below the shaft. It doesn't run on it but it will keep it from bending if it gets accidentally stepped on. You can see the cleaned up packing gland at the top.


    4 feet of deadwood and one giant bronze pipe away the new cutless bearing and prop keyway wait for splashdown.


    Yummy! This is what we not-so-unexpectedly found behind the icebox. Again this is due to a total lack of drainage in the dead space on the hull side and failed sealant over the heads of the screws that are now sticking out under the cockpit deck.


    All clean. On the left was the galley as installed when we got the boat. On the right is our empty canvas. We'll be fitting cockpit bulkheads and sole (floor) panels soon but most of this buildout will wait for the wintertime.


    Hallelujah it's the actual pilothouse, getting marked for ship bolts that go through the deck. Then she'll get slotted, laminated, faired, sheathed, painted and will be ready to install!