October 2013: Vroom Vroom


    Work night: Thanks again to all our wonderful friends who came over to do a few hours of horrible grunt work!! Here Steph and Anna tirelessly prep the topsides for primer.


    Andy taping the wood off. Masking seems so elementary until you do the math and realize that it takes more than a half a roll of tape to mask a single sheer rail. Tick another $6 off the general boat fund...


    When you give up your evening helping out your buddies on their boat project we feel you should get a gourmet meal in return. Thanks everyone!


    It's an exciting time in the life of a boat project when you are preparing for the renaming ceremony.


    Dan scrapes off nonskid by hand (the only effective way to do it) - with a broken foot I might add. This is some serious dedication.


    Hooray for barrier coat! How many hundreds of hours has it been preparing for this, applying the paint seemed so easy. It's all about prep...


    Speaking of prep, here is step 4 of 20 on the topsides, filling in the holes. The ones we noticed anyway. We'll fair these then put on more primer then notice more holes and have to fill those in too. Then we can get on with step 5.


    I never thought I'd see the day. The engine is in place, on her new mounts and 3 hours later is aligned to within 0.005". This is close enough until she goes in the water and the hull changes shape and we have to align everything again. Now to hook up electrical, sensors, fuel, water and exhaust. (Is that all?)


    Quadrantus anodizius: We got our new quadrant back from the machine shop via anodize and it's awesome. Thanks Coy! Now to weld up the pulley bracket and we'll be on our way to steering the ship.


    Vroom vroom! We're cookin' with diesel now! We only had to bleed the fuel system 3 times and only filled the bilge with fuel once. Better than I expected. Now we get to take down the gantry and get to work finishing the companionway mods.