Nov-Dec 2013: New Pilothouse Takes Shape


    Sheathing both sides of the port pilothouse wall with 6oz glass cloth and peel ply. This will leave both a good surface for painting with minimal fairing and a wax free (and flat!) surface for glassing and fairing to the deck and roof on the outside.


    Cleaned up, ready for paint


    Rachel and Bruno planning and plotting the future of the interior


    3 coats of primer and 2 coats of topcoat later and we have a shiny oyster white interior wall.


    Sheathing the inside of the icebox in the same manner. This will make for easy bonding and painting.


    Mocking up the pilothouse pieces to get all the angles and joints tight and square before installing the first piece. Everything will be dry assembled up to the roof beams and one piece at a time will be sealed to the deck.


    Electrical panel takes shape and awaits connection. One more piece to finish on the nav station before setting this baby into place.


    Another view of the casement layout


    Icebox top - the fancy bit is for a double sealing insulating top plug to keep our goodies cold.


    Icebox casing - 2.8 cubit feet is all we get to keep our power demands low. Next to fabricate a trap drain and to paint the inside to a high gloss before assembling with the top and installing 4-6" of urethane foam on all sides where it will fit with the countertop and facing.