March - May 2014: Flying high


    Removing teak boards from the cockpit, these will be planed down and rebedded after the companionway bulkhead gets replaced, the wheel column installed and the cockpit surround gets painted. We'll be glassing over the entire surface to change the function of the teak from support and stiffening to cosmetic veneer.


    Mocking up all equipment that has to fit in a tight space. Every part of this galley design is a give and take with some other system, it's all intertwined and all non-orthogonal


    Icebox mold, this is how much urethane foam will be around our tiny fridge, hopefully keeping our tiny compressor from running all day.


    Many thanks to Laura Sol for doing the last of the steel mods to the fuel tank, the third pickup is for our furnace and the large hole is for the tank level sensor


    Foredeck is clean and prepped to facilitate topside painting since this has a few intersecting surfaces. This surround will get painted with the cockpit surround, the whole thing sheathed and the aft corners raised with layers of roving to account for the lost teak thickness then the wood strips rebedded.


    Taking apart the monster, this bowsprit is well thought out and easily repairable. Thanks William Garden! We'll fix up the walk splits, seal up the nav lights and fix the damage from what looks like a bobstay crash on the main spar.


    Starboard fuel tank buttoned up and installed. This was among the first projects to be started two years ago and is now completely finished. This marks a pretty good milestone for us and spirits were high when the last bolt got torqued.


    Jade Mist Green. Three more coats of this beautiful stuff to follow!




    Coming nearer and nearer the day when we can start to assemble the woodwork and cabin framing. Exciting! Here you can also see the section of head bulkhead that had to be removed. There is a similar spot of rot on the stbd side in the hanging locker. All the bulkhead rot is all traceable to failed sealant in deck screws. We're not going to rely on sealant this time.