June - July 2014: Sparkle and shine


    Here a before/after of some transom fittings that needed repair, left is the deep bilge outlet and right the engine exhaust. It looks there was an "oops" for the bilge hole, it's been filled with sealant this whole time. The top photo is after coring the holes and prepping for glass, The bottom photo represents the faired and filled repair


    Starboard hull taped and prepped for striping with black. Lookin' good now!


    Pilothouse test fitting, a few minor changes from here but generally ready for final paint and assembly


    Sparkle and shine. That's as good as it gets folks. We'll be holding off on rail varnish until next season, everything will stay under cover until launch then and that's a job we can do on the water.


    New depth sounder transducer and fairing block. The old block is Fir and was splitting in a scary way, plus we can't get the old transducer whose cable is nearly broken at the stub. New block is FR4, new transducer is a fairly common model that will be easy to replace if need be and works with the used display we picked up, a ubiquitous ST60+.


    Taking final measurements and checking against the rest of the pilothouse before cutting the aft wall and companionway. Not long now.


    Prepping cockpit for teak renewal. So many holes!


    Test fit of the LP locker where the "outside icebox" used to be. We'll have two 17 lb composite tanks in here, sealed and vented out a thruhull. The bottom end butts up directly to the round notch in the icebox foam.


    Companionway bulkhead test fitting; there is a stout aluminum plate between this and the coaming that replaces a wood carling beam that would interfere with our desired galley layout. We are replacing the low hanging wood member with a vertical aluminum plate of similar flex and higher strength and gaining 6 more inches of galley countertop and a much more open feeling in the slot.


    Head bulkhead replacement; this will get glassed to the hull and to the remaining wood that's in good shape, then all will be faired and overcoated with glass for a smooth shower-proof surface.


    Our living room sail loft. It's about time we made a proper sail for Libellula, our 10 foot nesting dinghy


    One all-nighter later, the sail is ready for it's first trip when Rachel goes to the open water swimming nationals at Elk Lake


    2nd layer of barrier coat, bronze lightning electrode (there's a second on the port side in the same location) and depth sounder block.


    New hanging locker bulkhead. The window is to allow access to some stanchion and jib track nuts that were previously sealed between this bulkhead and the inside steering cabinet


    This yard is such an amazing environment to work in. I think our motivation to finish this project would be much diminished if we were working in a scummy boat yard or having to pay top dollar to keep the boat there. We love you N. Portland!