Lucia: Dec 2014 - Feb 2015


    A big thanks to everyone who came out to our work party in January, we got a great leap forward on the incredibly labor intensive bulwark and laz hatch sanding project


    Our big project over the next month or so is to paint the areas around the cockpit and foredeck wood and hatches. The only paint job left after this will be the decks and nonskid once the pilothouse is permanently affixed.


    Galley layout progressing by leaps and bounds. Here you can see the icebox with the evaporator and tube set installed and how it meshes with the LP locker behind it. Foot pump on the sole will be the saltwater pump.


    Prepped and ready, hard to see in this photo but there were no fewer than two weeks of holes, scratches, gouges, etc to be filled and faired.


    Rachel deep in the lazarette sanding the second primer coat


    Fin. 6 coats of paint later we're all done with this monster.


    Here is a top view of the LP locker. This deck opening used to access the "outside icebox", a weird concept to keep drinks accessible from outside by quadrupling the volume of the icebox. Since this would never pencil out from a battery powered refrigeration perspective it was one of the first things to go. Now it will conveniently house two 5lb propane cylinders in a tightly sealed compartment vented overboard.


    Foredeck bulwark painting complete as well. The triangular patches are prep for the first of 3 rounds of roving needed to close the gap between the new (thinner) deck boards and the overboard drains.


    Samson post layout marks, the bottoms of the posts are so well secured to the boat we're going to keep them and scarf new tops in place using a locking


    Head progress coming along nicely as well. Here you can see the permamently reinstalled cabinet trunk, the template base for the Raritan head and the custom holding tank. There will be no Y-valve in this boat, the waste circuit will be pumped from the head to holding tank (always). Waste can then be pumped out of the tank through the deck fitting above or by gravity feed via a locking ball valve to a thruhull below if we are in a legal dumping area (3+ miles offshore). All the hose runs are less than 3 feet and the gravity feed is a straight shot, 11 inches from tank to hull.


    Planed boards getting test-fit to the foredeck. Will need to renew the rabbets before gluing these down.


    Stern thru-hulls finally installed. We were waiting to confirm the hydronic exhaust run before committing to an angle for the exhaust elbow. Suffice it to say it was pleasing to run this over the buffing wheel and seal it up. No more holes in the boat.


    An exciting day at Hunt St Boat Works, we're installing the binnacle!