Lucia June-September 2015


    Three weeks of menial prep jobs like this. Scraping, drilling, sanding, filling, fairing, grinding, etc. Everything has to be pretty perfect prior to pitching the pilothouse permanently. It's also immeasurably easier to prep the side decks for painting before we glass the pilothouse in place so all those days of work have to happen now.


    Tonight's 'quick' job before dinner (remove 16 leaky screws and bolts from the genoa track) turned into a 3 day affair of wrestling stupid things like this out of the rail with impact drivers, saws, drills and vice grips. Looks to me like a case of "it won't screw down any more so I'm going to drive it home with a hammer". Thanks a lot. Happily I only had to break off a small piece of the wood riser and we have to replace that anyway because it binds on the genoa cars.


    After weeks and weeks of prep we have permanently installed some pilothouse walls. Now all that's left to do is some fairing and tedious leveling of the house top beams before the roof goes on.


    Galley cabinets are coming along. It's nice to see this all come together with all the new bulkhead work. The plywood countertop is a stand-in that will satiate us until we decide to spend the money on stone. Then we'll have a nice template to bring to the stone guys.


    Gooseneck faucet tucks away under the deck but still reaches both sinks. It also doesn't impinge upon any useful counter space.


    After years of poking through secondhand marine stores up and down the coast we found exactly the oven we were looking for. This will be installed on sliding rails (the black brackets shown) so it can be stowed underneath the side decks when not in use but brought forward for use. Yes ABYC, we'll have a lockout switch to keep us from operating the stove in the stowed position.


    A good overview of the new work facing aft


    We've had this panel assembled for awhile but now that the side deck work is complete it is at long last time to install it. Pretty spiffy, eh?


    The stbd and stbd windshield panels installed for keeps. Sealed to the posts and decks, then filleted, glassed and faired. We also got the windshield wiper located and installed. Fancy I know.


    Another view of the stbd pilothouse wall, looking forward. The culmination of two years of prep and construction. Feeling pretty good these days.