Gina makes breakfast
Rachel on her way to school?
Broadway bridge stop
Gina and Juan on Broadway Bridge
Juan groovin at the bluesfest
Gina and Juan
Curtis Salgao and the dance machine
Hawthorne bridge at night
I have a possum living in the woodpile!
Fairing hull joints
Boat party!
Don, Toinette and Mary and Mt Hood
Clay chillin
Lovely day for a sail
Don enjoying the evening
Mary drivin' the boat
My jungle love
The Vohs family camping
And a silly one
A decade of sleeping in this tent
Hanmi and Ellis
Theo plays with the dogs
Anyone order a lifeguard?
Theo paddling in Timothy Lake
Rachel's enormous hat
Jim and Malo hangin out
Racing a sunfish to the dam
Group photo
Rachel and Gina kayaking
Broccoli is way cooler than beer
Smore goodness
Fins vs Feet 2010
Rachel halfway
2 miles later
Greeting party at the other side of the lake
And back again
There's a shark in the water!
Home stretch
High five time
Eva's cradle progress
Cradle photo
Clamping hood pieces