Fir beams from a 1900s inner SE PDX warehouse. Take me to the sawmill!
Bruno hanging out under things again
Sunset on Willamette
Painting the new dinghy
Mortise carving
Pickled green beans! Thank you garden.
Rachel and Mima and the Hawthorne bridge
Downtown Portland beavers
Mima and the Hawthorne bridge
This was a 4" tall sapling that sprouted a few feet from the house when I moved in, needed to move it before it became a tree
Now it's living happily in the coast range
Rachel and Mima in Cannon Beach.
Bruno dries out
Cannon Beach Oregon
Walking out to sea?
Bruno gets brushed
Holy tomatoes batman! Still about twice as many on the vines.
It's a foil-mobile!
Libellula nears completion
Libellula's bow