Mima gets some voodoo!
Cookin more tomatoes!
B&B in Hood river
La Dolce Vita!
Mt Hood
Rachel and Mima at the Bridge of the Gods
Being a cabinet shop again. Any work is good work I guess!
Cartop dinghy
Nested dinghy stowed on the foredeck
Shakedown cruise Saturday
Poppin the cork!
Christening Libellula
Bruno jumps in and wants the first ride!
Rachel takes the first spin. Notice the cupcake holder forward that also functions as a mast base
Alysa and Keith think this would be more romantic if the driver was up front!
Andy steers the ship
Amy and Stacia demonstrate how well this boat rows with three!
Mima and Laura take a spin
EJ comes out for a romantic turn on the water
Theo loves cupcakes!
Rachel wo-mans the oars
And learns to stop
Finally painted the front door!