Bruno getting less stinky
Bruno getting some love while drying off
Resealing the bow pulpit and refitting lifelines after getting smacked in the marina
Lauren and Bruno are reunited
Front porch spider
We're going to the beach! Yay!
Don't make me unlock you!
Oregon, land of the lumberjacks
Baby Frodrick still lives
Cannon beach
Rachel and Lauren at the beach
Lauren and Jeff overlooking Manzanita
An old growth log gathers much moss
Tall, tall trees and all the water in the seas
Lauren and Rachel atop Nekahanie
A three butterfinger salute
Bird in the surf
A tree for my bed?
A beautiful October day at McCuddy's
Duck feet
Rachel on the newly refit stays
I'm on a boat!
What a classy interior on a warm summers day
Nailin it!
Lauren and Jeff at home on the water
Rebuilt rails
A better mousetrap? Razor wire apple slicer for Cider Party '010
Pouring cider
Kevin and Clay running the press
Lauren and Jeff party hardy
Repairing the slicer after trying to throw three apples through at once
Sewing wire? I need a better thimble.
Lauren and Rachel
Bruno wants to come hiking, he's dressedup and everything
Kevin and Rachel by Hardy Creek
Riding the bull, er, rock.
Pool of winds
Kevin and Rachel on the bridge
Jeff hangin out in the creek
Rodney Falls
Get yo hands up!
Lauren and Jeff on top of the world.
Kevin's explorer pose
Kevin and Rachel atop Little Hamilton Mtn
Sluggo enterprises spokesperson
Summit of the socked in Hamilton Mtn
Chips are far superior to enery bars
White moss?
Kevin and Jeff at Saddle Point
Rachel is out standing in her field
Flashing the camera to keep the bats from attacking us!