This little car sure fits a lot of stuff!
"Roughing it"
Oh no! I broke a wagon wheel! I acquired 785lbs of buffalo meat and one set of clothing to trade for a new one but I can only carry 200lbs back to my sled. Good thing we're travelling at a slow pace.
Arrival at "the spot"
Mt. Hood in the morning
Lowering the sleds
Welcome Mary! She does not have Cholera.
Start up your shovels
Both crews hard at work
Testing our entry tunnel
Igloo too takes shape. Woo-hoo!
Mt Hood afternoon
Break time
Mt Hood evening
Mt Hood night (lights on the left are Timberline night skiing at Molly's, Meadows Chunky Swirly on the right
I want chicken, I want liver...
Our kitchen ampitheater
Anyone care for a _frosty_ beverage?
When we say fire pit we mean fire pit.
Matt chillin' in the hot tub
Billions and billions of stars
Glowy igloo
Mary is cookin
Igloo too goes creekin'
Good morning!
Everyone looks toasty
So near but yet so far away
Morning cookies
Stunning lenticular cloud as Mt Hood gets blown away
Making a pancake run
Matthew the Conquerer
Packin' out
Kevin and Rachel out in the woods again
Our old-timey pioneering photo
Back up the hill. The second was constructed mostly of firewood and has been reduced to a pair of skis.
Should we take the Barlow Road or caulk our wagon and float it across the John Day?
Look at that sexy car with all those skis...