Baloon clouds over Warm Springs
One of our favorite parts of Oregon is the clouds
Quick stop at Petersons Rock Garden
Mary rows her boat
Gina the s'more mistress working the fake fireplace
Gina with some cool clouds, the Three Sisters and Broken top. We'll be on the far side of that range tomorrow!
Rachel and Kevin
Laura prepares to mush
Snowmobile shuttle into Three Creek Lake
Sleds reach the lake
It's snowing!
Sunburst as we take the first trip up the ridge
Yurts and wood fired sauna
Stoking the fire
The girls take a spin around the lake
Stars and moon
Laura and Stephan gear up
Rachel ready to go
Stephan finds his first treewell of the day
Clay and Laura in their famous pose
Rachel and Gina find another enormous treewell
Boarders checking out the drop
Skiiers checking out the line
"Rachel's bowl"
Rachel skiing
Up for another lap in the R-bowl
Topping out
Storm rolls on
Getting ready for the long glide out
Rachel and Kevin
Beautiful moderate terrain everywhere
Billions and billions
Sunrise over the rim just touching the treetops across the lake
Trees still frozen
Tam McArthur Rim pano
"Broken Hand", a smaller peak next to Broken Top Mountain, also a found sculpture from the woodpile
Backside bowls
We're not the only critters hiking up this morning!
Mary books a meeting
Rachel and Kevin
Skiing the approach
Crossing "Clay's Meadow"
"The Playground"
The yellow arrow points to an area of particular interest later in the day...
View from the top of the rim at 7200'
Group photo
And one silly one!
Laura throws up a roostertail
Clay cruises
Rachel skiing a nice glade
"How I spent my summer vacation"
Three Creek Lake
Laura and Stephan discover a powder stash
Sol removing her skins
Stephan is airborne!
Laura drops into the Playground
Clay carves some turns
Stephan, Clay and Laura on the edge of the world
The two dots near the center of the photo are Rachel and Gina taking a more conservative line onto the ridge
Amanda scores some sweet turns
Laura self rescues by carving steps in the ice. The photo doesn't do the 65 slope justice.
Skiing out in the moonlight. A good trip for all!