19 degrees! Welcome back to New England
Eva all snug in her sleeping bag
Northern Ave Bridge
New courthouse. Not sure if I would mind jury duty in Boston...
Checking out some boats at the Wharf
More fishes
I'd be worried too if that big fish kept staring me down!
Sea turtles bigger than your head! A lot bigger...
Touring the North End
Samuel Adams: Always a good decision.
Boy do I love tearing up napkins!
To the bakery!
Mishmash of old buildings
Chip off the ol' block
Eva with Rachel and her juingly moose
Casey groovin to some classic R&B.
She's on the move!
Getting all bundled
It's cold out here mama!
CUOC takes the reservoir
How many Clarkson grads does it take to fill a 4-top?
Some of the fam
The Slagas
Time for some jazz hands
Another one bites the dust
Harvard Bell Tower
Is this a warning to seniors there are college students about?
The Moyles family goes to brunch
No chess pieces to be found in Somerville...
A goodbye squeeze to my neice
Someone has carved "150" into their field somewhere around Michigan
Making use of some extra space
Kitchen with fridge and dishwasher for those who haven't seen it
Fiberglass work on the hull is complete!
Hull turned over, starting work on the deck!