Getting all fancy now
Sawing logs, but we're wide awake! Kudos to Clay for taking on this operation with me.
Drops, splits and scrap boards were able to be milled into a variety of dimensions suitable for a simple table
Even the end cuts are pretty!
Some simple traditional joinery
Voici! From firewood comes a desk.
Deck coming along, will be any day now!
Round 2 of "How to mill very large timbers with a medium sized bandsaw". Step 1, get lots of hands!
Not too shabby.
Railings for a 1940s restoration from a 1900s beam.
Hiking to the edge of the world
Frollicing through the meadow
The mighty tree has fallen!
Glad I left my Camaro at home
Hardcore waterslide
Barge traffic under our feet
Behemoth tree
Furry rocks
Clay and Mel amidst the ferns
A trillium claims the middle of the trail
We chose to let sleeping ducks lie.
Dive in?
Gorge mist
The sun came out just in time for this rainbow
Horizontal tree
Rachel's pet rock, "Henry"
Bruno joins us for a midnight snack
Look out for that gazelle! He fmust have loated here all the way to the St Johns bridge...