Springtime in Portland!
Cherry blossoms a-bloomin
Finished laying deck strips on the kayak
Deck sanded
Silky smooth!
Hull all wrapped up
Sitka Spruce short scrap -> paddle shaft
Shaft carved and smoothed
Carbon fiber paddle blade frontside layup
Rough trimmed and bonded to shaft, lights are to accelerate epoxy cure
Reinforcements and backside carbon layup
Making a dress for the kayak
She's fitted
Fiberglass wet-out
First fill coat of epoxy
Welcome to Portland Aunt Cheryl! Taking Bruno out sailing
We saw a seal in Portland! Must be salmon season...
Ice cream run in Cascade Locks
Tools of destruction poised for hull separation
She emits a mighty roar as the hull forms are knocked out
Two pieces and nothing exploded. (Yay!)
Gently moving the deck out of the way to access the inner hull
Inside hull ready for smoothing
Inside deck patiently waiting for full cure
Scraped inside hull
Draped inside hull
Wet out inside hull with brackets scribed from the deck lines to keep shape with the forms removed