Sorting gear at the Yurt in Grants Pass
Dropped off with our bags at the put-in
The white zone is for loading and unloading only. If you're gonna load or unload, go to the white zone.
Topping off the chilled tubes
Puppies coming in for a landing
Nothing like a couple hundred pounds of gear in a rubber boat!
Start your engines!
Rainie fish ladder channel at 7000CFS
Scouting party returns
Rogue Valley
Woodpecker holes in a tree at Whisky Creek
Crystal clear water
Whiskey Creek bridge
Huck Finn wasting away the days of summer
Back on track
MD600N with a NOTAR tail drops off workers replacing the hikers bridge over Bunker Creek
MD600N landing on a postage stamp, on a hill no less.
Rigging up the tarp for our first rainy night
Exhibit A, anyone know what this is?
Old faithful still keeping us dry after 12 years of service.
A groover with a view
A slug in my shoe!
Rachel has some morning coffee
Heath does some early morning fishing
Our home for a night at Big Windy Creek
Packed for day 2
Passing Windy Creek
Green Meadows
Bear number 1 foraging
Night #2 at Qual Creek
A furry rock chair - natural upholstery?
The great bread experiment continues!
Turned into a flatbread when the heat buffer rocks exploded under the pan and collapses all my bubbles.
Who needs a bowl anyway?
Working with stone age tools
Qual Creek camp
Bridge over Quail Creek
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Millipede finds solstice under our tent
the obligatory muscpe beach photo
One last stop before Mule Creek Canyon
MCC entrance
MCC scouting party
Rachel decided to press onward
Blossom Bat at 7500 CFS
Bear number 2, he went for a swim shortly after we passed by!
Andy sets up a bivy shelter on the beach for our second rainy night
Exhibit D
Exhibit D/2
Exhibit E
Canyon sunset
Mountain Iris everywhere
Dogwoods blooming on the shore
Ferns and Moss
Wildflower city
A tree pedestal
Exhibit F
Bear number 3 just across the river from camp, she came out later with two cubs
Who needs a camp pad?
Smoky Joe aka forest service approved fire pan
Tent nook at Lower Tate Creek
Eelctric bear fence
Breakfast omlettes by Rachel
Tate Creek kitchen
Morning fishing attire
Tate Creek stone waterslide
Gorgeous cascading pools above
And the pools are filled with salamanders!
Swimming salamander
More pools up top
Crystal clear water
Tonette's pet Scorpion
Climbing Clay Hill with Clay
Shooting Stars
Fielsd of Mountain Iris
Rogue Valley
Tall, tall trees. Old growth Douglas Fir
And up
And up
Fallen Madrone
Hundreds of Orchids
Exhibit G
Manzanita scrubs
Attaining Panther Ridge, hoping it does not live up to it's namesake
More enormous trees
These trees are in a play
Eagle claw
Another grandfather Fir tree, the gouges in the bark were at least 10" deep
Peeking across the valley
Climbing into the clouds
Question mark tree
End of line.
Barkless branches
Holy giant Madrones up here
Lush field doesn't seem to belong in this dense forest. A run-down house from the 50s and some farm equipment are scattered about. How do you even get here?
Tacoma rapids
A hitchiker!