Spring has arrived in Portland!
Rhododendron in full bloom
Mountains of flowers
Fairing the deck
Who needs foot pegs? Building up foot friendly bulkhead
Compression molding eyestraps
Eyestrap blank, molded with a sweeping bevel to accomadate various locations on the underside of the deck
Varnishing deck
Deck varnish
Compression molding carbon fiber deck strops
Carbon fiber deck line strop
Inline strops hide fasteners and do not interfere with inlay pattern
Installed custom carbon fiber carry handle (1.2oz!!) and bow straps
Bowstrap nut is 4 feet into the boat, thus a non-trivial installation
The unfortunate tools of such a predicament
Cockpit outfitting
Outfitting showing movable bulkhead
Compass mounted
Compression molding deck toggles
Carbon fiber deck toggle blank
Toggle blank
Shaping toggles
Deck lines run
Deck line toggle closeup