Packing begins!
A full complement of boats
All have arrived
6am departure Saturday morning
Long lost buddies
We parked in the Alternative Transportation spot at the mystery pie shop
Washington Park, Anacortes, WA
Chillin waiting for the shuttle cars to return
Ladies bein' cute
Captain Duckfeathers is ready to sail
Packed and ready to launch!
Plot a course to Cypress Island
Headed North!
Glassy water and sunshine
Land Ho! Approaching Cypress Head
Destination in sight
Beautiful day to be on the water
Landing at Cypress Head
Rachel lands
Clay and Cindy follow
Alicia our resident drysuit model
Andy wastes no time
Eric is happy to be here
Andy and Alicia
Rachel has lost an arm!
One of the many unspoken virtues of the Greenland Paddle
Room with a view! Our tent perched over the cove
Chillin at camp
Cypress Head Tombolo
A friendly seal goes fishing
Odd blossoms
Hey good lookin whatcha got cookin?
Matt and Jennifer
Camp bread take 2 is a success!
Marshmallow time
Gorgeous sunsets
Tall Cypress trees
Jennifer on a morning stroll
Lazy breakfast
Packing up boats
Loading Ethell for her second big day
Kevin and Rachel
Low tide
Rafting games
One last group photo before setting off again
Clay and Eric
Swinging by the Cone Islands
A Pigeon Guillemot, these birds have bright red feet!
Lummi island in the distance
Lummi rocks
Lunchtime raft
Rachel paddling away
These dolphins came right up to us!
Matt throws in a rudder
Exuent from leg-stretching beach
Windy cliffs
Downhill run to Lummi
Landing at DNR site on Lummi
Home sweet home!
Another beautiful tent spot
Madrone forest
Rock site
A lovely spot for a cup of coffee
Endless water - Rachel's playground
Lovely ladies
Sedum 'Cape Blanco'
False Lily-Of-The-Valley
Thimbleberry leaves
White Starflowers
We even have girls on trampolines!
Longbeans for lunch
Kevin and Andy
Yellow blooms
White blooms
Nootka Rose growing on a seldom visited cliffside
Thanks DNR!
Andy rocking the biscuits
High five
Rachel gets down
The America fire
Quietly watching the bioluminescence in the water as the sun makes it's last dive
Blue Starflowers
Starfish counting
Starfish city!
More unnamed blooms
Our destination for today is in Bellingham Bay on the far side of Eliza Island
Another wild rose
Ethell loaded and ready to roll
One more down the line
Back on the water
Alicia and Eric
Heading crosstide to Eliza point
Greenland Trio
Passing Eliza Rock
Fully rigged Gaffed Schooner in the distance
Hands up for America
In the glassy water of Bellingham Bay
An MH-65C out of Port Angeles
Nice to know the Coast Guard is out and about
Landing at Larabee
Packed cars
Onramp to the long journey home
A little light reading