Rachel on the upper deck of the Seattle Ferry
Kevin and Bruno scoping out the scenery
Manette bridge in Bremerton, WA
1975 CT 35 Pilothouse Ketch. We've looked at almost a dozen boats in the last 6 months and this might be the one
Pilothouse interior
Dance floor cockpit
Bruno approves of this boat
Construction of a spider web over a stadium in Vancouver
The Olympic Cauldron
Let me take you to Funkytown
Fighting off seagulls in English Bay
Holy mouses!
Be sure to leave a clean camp in Squamish or tiny bears will come and eat your food. Go little dishwasher, go!
Bruno tried his paws at hiking
Howe Sound
Squamish Valley
One of the best places on earth
Can we get up and walk around outside the tent now?
Bruno's big hike up the Chief
Ninja dog stops at the viewpoint
Several miles of cedar stairs were built on this trail to handle the erosion of the visitors during the 2010 Olympic Games
Mountain dog returns
Horseshoe Bay ferry
Oh, to be sailing up here!
Bus stop in Gibson's Landing
This marina has a 300 boat waiting list. They turn over 5 slips a year.
Seachelt inlet
Halfmoon Bay
Halfmoon Bay sunset
Rachel and Bruno on the beach
Seachelt Inlet sunset
Seachelt Inlet pano, the sky is too big to capture
Georgia Strait, Vancouver Island is out there but is too distant to see over the curvature of the earth (almost 20 miles across)
Dinghy beach
Langdale ferry terminal
"Big mountains and glaciers be here"
Back to the mainland
Bruno's long car ride home, take 1
Bruno's long car ride home, take 2
Bruno's long car ride home, take 3
Bruno's long car ride home, take 4