Giulietta is for sale! If anyone is interested in a meticulously well maintained and solidly outfitted CAL II-25 let us know!
Ellis takes a lazy day
Rachel's Ravi dance
Two peas in a pod
Rachal in her heyday
Hello people!
Penninsula Park rose garden
Jim stays dry in the fountain
Penninsula Park rose garden
Bike center of the neighborhood today
Hanmi gets comfy
Our grilling mistress
Joe and Nikko enjoying the sun
Where is my phase diagram for 316?
Choice of seating tonight
Invitation time
Checking it twice
This will be one heck of a party!
Libelulla is now officially a Gaff rigged dinghy
Waterfront blues fest 2011
Rachel chases the ducks from the crew dock
Rachel's new disco suit
Cable swim at Foster Lake
Cable setup
Welcoming Matt back to Oregon
2.4 miles later!
A good swim
Now for some relaxing sailing time
And some lowbrow beer
River sunset
Rafting with Heath (Thanks Brooke for the photos!)
Stopped for lunch with Brooke and Alex
Kevin and Rachel
Raft below Stairstep
Raft below Rattlesnake
Matt's pre-marathon "Good luck donut"
Shadow lifting off of Mt St Helens
Pre-race photo
And they're off!
Kicking it in for the finish
Post-race photo
Tiny hitchin' post in SE Portland
Three years of fireworks
Happy fourth of July!
Masses exuent Hawthorne
Clay on Clay St.