Another road trip!
Precious cargo?
Dock life
3pm: Getting started, we more or less forgot about the camera after this point in the day
Bruno finds a comfy space on the Genoa
9pm: Taking an evening break
We brought 7 bags of tools but forgot silverware. Nobody should be able to say Rachel is "high maintenance" after seeing her cook a steak with a dirty pair of scissors.
1030pm: Bowsprit came off under the cover of darkness
5am: Time to wake up to carry all the heavy things up the ramp before the tide goes out and the ramp gets steep
9am: Heading aloft to send down spreaders, remove antennae and diamond wires
Spacious cockpit full of supplies
Lucia ex. Windsong, ready for transport
Kevin and Rachel. Thanks to slip neighbor Don for the photos!
Bruno has volunteered to be the new figurehead. He likes sitting there!
"After", 20 hours later
Rachel and Bruno
All we need now is a rocking chair on the roof!
Bowsprit made it home, the boat is going to be a lot bigger!