8am, 2 miles in already and Kevin forgets how to meter exposure...
Still frosty up here in July!
Our objective is in sight
Getting closer, albeit steeper
Clay climbing snow
More snow climbing. Crampons would have been a good idea. Maybe a picket or two...
Morning soup. My cel phone alarm went off about this time to tell me it was almost time to get up for work.
Pitch 2 chimney
I love it when there are flowers growing in the rocks
We wagered against this 5.9 looking 2-3 pitches and went right to the traditional pitch 3 of the SW corner
Ohh alpine...
Clay climbs on
Clay gets high
Avalanche chute, you can see where it has levelled a path of trees. I still want to ski here...
Clay leads the snow pitch.
Our route description reads "Steep but no need to protect because there is no exposure here". Except for that cliff at the bottom of the bulletproof ice field. Hooray for rock pro.
Pitches 5 and 6, though I think we faked pitch 4. Not too concerned with staying in the route guide.
Looking out the East notch between NEWS and SEWS
Clay follows pitch 5
Clay leading pitch 6
Climbers atop Liberty Bell
Climbers on South Early Winter's Spire
10 seconds wasn't enough time...
There we go :o)
A sea of mountains
Not too often you get a 360 pano from a one day climb!
Rappeling off the giant flake wedged into the gap. Eerie.
Clay starting his free rappel and our route overlayed
Baby goats!
Some folks living the good life tonight