Hood Canal
Starting to see
4 days of luxury living
All dressed up and ready to go anywhere
Solduc Falls
Rachel's first attempt at "Owling"
A family of Grouses
More waterfalls
Just like a black and white cookie
Tall, tall trees
Creepy gargoyle shaped tree stump
Golden morning
Crossing Rocky Creek
Rachel crossing Rocky Creek
The forest opens up before our eyes
Springtime in the Olympics, the flowers are just opening and are everywhere!
Appleton Saddle
Oyster Lake - at least it's liquid!
High Camp
Deer were extraordinarily friendly at this camp
They even made out for us
More deer
More deer frollicking in the fields
Friday's sunset
My duggie...
...My duggie
Sipping morning tea
Rachel ready for the snow
First days with a mountaineering axe
We love the moon
Holy overgrowth! The snow has just recently recededon this side of the ridge and the flowers and plants are soaking up the water and the sun!
Can you see the trail? No, we can't either...
Arms up hiking
Bendy trees - my favorite!
If anyone knows what this is please tell us!
Devil's Club - Ouch!
Lunchtime at the South Fork of Boulder Creek
Upper Boulder Creek Falls
I thought this was going to start singing any minute.
Lower Boulder Creek Falls
Enormous trees uprooted
Made it to Olympic Hot Springs! We didn't see a soul all day.
Our hillside infinity hot tub
Teh luxury pool with rock valves and everything
Wooden culvert
This water was eight feet deep! Crystal clear.
Boulder Creek at OHS
Carnage! Tons of downed trees. Must have seen some crazy storms here in years past
Yay we found our cairns again
Back up through the Garden of Eden
Holy bear batman!
Fortunately this monster turned and ran when he got a sight of us coming around the trail.
These hoofprints were not in the snow 6 hours ago...
Evening clouds
Suppertime on Mt Appleton
And time for a dance party
Hoofprints do imply hoofs. This fellow kept us company all night, apparently attracted by our #1 export
Parting in such sweet sorrow, wish we could stay!
High divide ridge and Mt Olympus - need to come skiing here!