Potting plant boxes
Bed frame assembled
Bed finished at last!
Finally sanding the inlay...
Dinner with real live Italians
This nice lady is watching our masts in Scapoose
Building a ladder the tweakers won't steal
Going up?
Mima's cookin something good! Bruno is onto the scent.
Railing renewal
Bruno stretches out on the new quilt
Ladies getting ready to party
Boys doing the same
Our alter egos are also getting married
Wow, someone had a good time last night!
Joe wants a Bruno
Assembling for the rehearsal
Rehearsal instructions
Rehearsal staging
Dinner at La Buca!
Rehearsal dinner
Rehearsal dinner
NOLA represent
Rachel and godparents
Shannon and Lauren
ECM 2011
Groom arrives after morning errands
Amy and Theo
Family flowers
Uncle Bruno escorts Aunt Ceil up the aisle
The Arena clan
Mike and Grandma
Dan and Pat
Waiting at the altar
Beautiful bride
Everyone's here!
Now this is a gown!
I do!
Cap'n and lady awesome
The wedding party
The groom's side
The bride's side
The Moyles
Rachel and Grandma
Eveyone in the van!
Let's get it started!
Hunt St
Hell of a party!
Clarkson made a good showing. Love you guys
Enrote to our honeymoon
Orcas Island Ferry from Anacortes
Grandma at the chocolate fountain
Eva tours the zoo
Happy birthday Grandma!
Breakfast in Eastsound
Roche Harbor gardens
Dahlias as big as your head
Sunset at the Paris Cottage
Westcott Bay - Paradise?
Browsing boats in Friday Harbor
Another beautiful ferry ride
A seal seat
Bruno missed his mamma
He'll be such a beautiful bride
Puppy elevator is operational
Removing large appliances
No matter how many zipties you use there is no excuse for this...
Somehow all these gauges work.
Little blue house on Hunt St now comes complete with vegetation at the door
Forepeak stripped of plumbing and wire, bulkhead and cabinets come out next
Laying down baselines for the cover structure
Dropping plumb lines for the sheer projection
Test frame. This should work