White elephant creation
Locked and loaded
...And flying across the room. Piglets beware
Bruno's elevator. He crashes into the (now higher) bed without the chair and slides off it without the towel. I see a piece of custom furniture in his future.
Lucia's oil cooler. She'll need some thread inserts.
Note the trapezoidal corrosion pattern on the boltheads. The hex is now well in between standard sizes even at the big end...
Rachel frollics in the parking lot
Tilly Jane winter trailhead
Still smiling a half mile later
Thin snow cover!
Cloud soup, my favorite
Arrival, fire burning, snow melting
Master Higgins!
Packing up in the morning
Sticking the skins back on
Polallie Creek way down there
Rachel takes the lead
Kevin in touring mode
Rachel climbing up the wonderland hill
Big rock up ahead
We made it! This must be a sight for cold eyes in a storm...
Windy tonight!
Rachel skis
"Wonderland", the only good snow we skiid all weekend! It was pretty deluxe though.
Made it back through the trees in one piece
Hiking out on a beautiful night