Our holiday table
Wouldn't be a holiday gathering without a "kids table"
Window diverters! A dry season of road trips is upon us!
Our $5 goodwill venture results in a lot of noise, not much cutting and and lots of laughs.
April and Liz are always wine-ing
Laura and EJ setting the fashion bar
Hangin out in the kitchen
And by the bar. Oh wait, it's the same room!
Bruno is working on a way to chew this rawhide christmas card. He's definitely not letting it out of his sight though.
Early morning departure
On the road again!
Kudos to Clay for joining us for this 14 hour drive after working a week of nights
Ice sculptures greet us in Banff
The Buffalo Mountain Lodge
A much needed breakfast
Banff sunrise
Endless mountains
I think I need to come back to climb this...
Our hut trip got skunked due to high avy danger so we took a day to tour around in the low angle trees.
Clay breaks trail
Poking around the lower elevations of the Bow Summit
We took the next day to ski at Lake Louise
View from LL backside
Stopping for a photo on a steep traverse
Back in the back bowl
Turned out to be a beautiful day
Lake Louise herself in the distance
Last run!
The Fairmont Chateau Louise
Anyone remember the theme from Ice Castles?
Roses frozen in the handrails. Still scratching my head on that one...
Curse of the iPhone...
Rachel hanging out with a buffalo head
And a friendly elk has breakfast with us
Ridge outside Lake Ohara, looks like it would make a good trad route...
Avy control in Rogers Pass, yes that's a Canadian Forces Howitzer
A stop in Revelstoke for gas and some Timbits
Rachel takes the wheel
Beautiful lakes around here and trains aplenty
Sunser in Kamloops
Elfin graffiti
Luxury accomadations in Pemberton
Dawn patrol at Whistler
Powder day!
Clay shreds on Franz
Rachel rips the ridge
Still snowing at lunchtime!
Clay in his birdfeeder pose
Whiteout in Symphony
Last run!
This must be one hell of a pilot, it's been whiteout snow and blowing 20-30mph for the past hour.
Rachel in the bumps
Chair bear
Squamish Valley
Aparently this office hasn't recieved the "occupy" memo
Squamish has it all. Snow, water, rock, an organic farmers market and bacon wrapped steak.
Diamond head trailhead
Distant mist int he valley below
Thick new blanket of snow on the old. Gorgeous here, scary in the steeps!
Another meadow
Bustle at the Red Heather cabin
Clay checking out the view
Tent city for New Year's Eve
BC Powder
Rachel hiking
Clay hiking
About an hour left!
Rachel and the Coast Range
Rachel on top of the world
Clay gains the ridge
Rachel on her final ascent
Clay scopes out the ridgetop
Mt Garibaldi
View notch
Obligatory group photo
Making some easy turns home
Rachel is a happy camper
Home again, back to boat work!