Wandering near our old house, Ye Olde Hudson River
Splotchy tree
Cookie cutter bark
Am I on the wrong side of the tracks?
In Boston visiting Mike and Sarah! Taking Miss Eva to a farm up north
Eva-rooster showdown
Chip off the ol' block
Rural baby pic
Eva's buper boat adventure
Cash money!
Picking flowers
Ahh beer and watermelon. The breakfast of champions.
Make sure to get plenty of sauce on your chicken. And hands. And everywhere else
Congrats to Jonathan and Jess on the birth of baby Sam!
After partying like a rockstar, Miss Eva is out like a light
This looks comfy
Hooray for hippos!
Reading with mamma
Happy baby
Breakfast with Uncle Kevin
Eva tries out her spacewoman pose
Halt, earthling! Give me all your crackers and nobody gets hurt.
One of us needs a haircut and I'm not sure who!
Swingtime, LLC
Jeailbreak! Let me back in!
Getting carried away
Midget tossing
Everyone's favorite urban baby strolls through S. Boston
Step 1, sit down inside fridge with cracker box
Step 2, remove bag
Step 3, remove at least 5 crackers
Step 4, feed the dog
Step 5, eat one bite from each cracker
Step 6-20, repeatedly push the door open while saying "no!" every time it starts to close again
Cross eyed 'Nali
The East Coast Moyles family
Eva scouts her line down the falls. I think I'll run center to right.
Checking PFD fit
Many Moyles in this canoe
Painted turtles everywhere
Mike identifies more creatures
Taking a leg stretcher
Good to be back on land
Taking the surfergirl out to eat
Line outside the Ipswitch, MA Clam Box
Eva is reserving our table
Home after a long day in the world
Springtime on Hunt St.