Off to New Orleans for a weekend at Jazzfest and to see the nieces!
Mima and Nina
Happy Hudsons
Welcome Mike, Sarah and Miss Eva!
A quick daquiri stop on the way to Auburn Ave
This is NOLA you best reconize my gang signs. 'Sow I roll.
Chair spelunking
Eva explores new ways to transport cargo
I didn't realize we were doing the same stupid dance until I saw the photo.
Dinner at Landrys on the water
Out for some Hurricanes
Our yearly Cafe Du Monde photo
The Blue Penguin.
Where can a nice girl get her a sasperilla around here?
Mama and Eva
Jazzfest with Mike and Sarah
Pre entry boogie
Come one, come y'all
Must be hot in there!
Family business
Fais do do
Impromptu parasol dance
Rubbing the Saints Baby
ECMs at JF
This is a serious dress!
Ms. Germain Bazzle
Baby earmuffs
East meets West
It's a xylophone $%&#dammit!
Vehicular engineering
That's right I have yogurt on my face. Take my picture.
Mickey mouse pancakes
Hurricane Nina is making landfall!
Grandpa Karl and baby Nina
Hosing down the first of three crawfish sacks - 100lbs!
Walking Nina
Mima and Nina
All the mamas
I'm gonna chew on this for awhile
Sarah and Eva
The first of three pots to go
Patrick can put down some crawfish
So can Eva!
Stirring the pot
Group shot of our crawfish burl
Round two a-comin
Roll up your sleeves - again!
Feeding time
Sailing away
A New England baby is at home on the water
Kermit Ruffins!
Mr. Z2 on the keys
Kermit is visited by a yipyip
Rockin Dopsie Jr and the Zydeco Swingers
Endless energy
Rachel and Eva
Eva reviews photos from the day
Back to Boston!
Rachel and Mima at Jazzfest
There is some rain a-comin!
Horn crowd marker
Some good ol jazz
Los Hombres Calientes
Mardi Gras Indian costumes
Catherine and Nina
Mima and Nina
Rachel and Nina