Here's our track this year, thanks to Eric for the GPS data and Karl for the Spot data
Packing party! Time to make sure everything fits in the boats before we get laughed at by the locals
Late night boat loading
Who knew stern lines could be so hillarious
Here's the last of em!
Locked and loaded
Early morning departure
Clay's cat gave us a run for our money
Coffee stop in Everett
Got skunked by 6 cars for the 1030 ferry. Still seems lucky we were here this early...
Cindy rides the wild Cormorant
Kevin and Rachel
Clay getting high
We're on a boat!
At the launch point on Orcas, ready to sail!
Launching in the surf
The Greenland contingent
Rachel is ready for some island time
Destination in sight!
Here comes the armada
Crossing the eddy fence
Eric makes a grand entrance
Rachel models our new tent. What a view!
Sunset at Matia Island
Made it through the night
Breakfast time! This group can eat a lot of pancakes
Rachel gives the ol' Razzle Dazzle
Tiptoing into the sun
Peeking through the treehole
Met up with some friendly gunkholers - check out their blog at
Sea grass - the water here is super clear you just can't tell because it's so deep!
Loading up for day 2
A beautiful Tayana 37
Our aging camera produces an old timey photo of kayakers with BC in the background
OK everyone raft up for a photo!
The whole gang
On the fourth attempt we can see all ten faces!
A seal lion barks for joy, or to tell us to go away...
Glassy seas
Trish and the North Cascades
Our Armada
Rounding the Southern tip of Clark Island
There's a bald eagle on that solar panel
Rolling into camp
Drysuit swimming. Cold on the hands!
North cascades in evening glow
Observe the posted signage
Rachel checks out the waves - could be dicey tomorrow
Sunset over Clark
One million stars
Good morning kayaks!
Drysuits ballasted against the wind
Rachel is chipper this morning
Another delicious breakfast
Morning lunges
And jumping jacks!
Rainbow ring
Fleurs de la mer
Loading boats
Enroute to Pt Lawrence
A little choppier today but we got lucky. Forecast was for 15-20 and wind waves to 4 ft!!
Navigating the rips off Port Lawrence. Everyone line up!
Ethell still holding it together
April soaks up the sun
Portrait of a kayaker
Portrait of a kayaker
Portrait of a kayaker
Portrait of a kayaker
Portrait of a kayaker
To Doe Bay!
I see yurts, we must be nearing the hippie resort
For ten people even "basics" ends up being a giant pile of stuff
Rainbows and handcarts, welcome to Doe Bay
Ralexin time
Deer in camp
The shuttle bunnies head off to brunch
The rest of us paddle the last stretch of water in the rain
Still a beautiful morning
Deer point in the distance
Synchronize paddles
Holy strap hinges batman!
Paddlers on the horizon thanks April for the next few photos!
Coming in in formation, or trying to anyway
There are the Olga docks!
Impromptu race for the beach
More of the ol Razzle Dazzle
In line for the ferry
The beautiful lawn of the Orcas Hotel
Even being in line 5 hours early we were still among the 10 last cars on the boat! No more ferries over Memorial day...
Passing Seattle
Stopped for a bite in Tacoma
Bruno misses his mamma