Our thriving garden
Trip to Timothy Lake
Are we there yet?
Libellula getting set up for sailing
It's a Bruno float!
Rachel hikes out
"I want to sit in this bag".
Next weekend, Bruno washes our dishes at Opal Creek
Pool at our campsite, the water was refelcting moonlight on the rock wall above the night before, it was trippy.
Mountain dog
Giant boiler / heat exchanger. How the heck did they get this stuff in here in the 40s?
A brisk walk
Rachel in her element
It's a big dog world
Opal Pool - it's deep!
Waiting for Rachel to take the plunge
Next weekend, Rachel and Gina cross Hagg Lake
Libellula on the beach
The boat and everything else fits comfortably in the new truck!
Next weekend, We take Vanna for a little offroad adventure
Burn on Vista Ridge
Twisty tree
Climbing up Vista Ridge
Valley to the West
Entering Wy'East Basin
Crossing through Cairn Basin
Sunset over Eden Park
Hiking out in the dark