On the BARTrail from the airport
Bruno couldn't come but he's at our first stop in spirit.
Street market near city hall
A bird for my crown
Fearless city birds make for good closeups
Many cupcakes
Holy eucaliptus batman!
This store sells only sparkly or fuzzy hippy rave clothes. And is thriving. No wonder I get along with the west coast...
Animal stack
The truth
Rachel catches the cablecar on the way to breakfast
A large cathedral on the way
Lombard street turns
Bay Bridge
Up and over
AC45 catamarans practicing
That's a pretty boat, looks a lot like Lucia *grin*
Socked in
"It's only 2 blocks from the cablecar..."
I imagine there are lots of dented doors in this neighborhood
Top o' the hill
Stopping into the local speakeasy
A classic Dickel bottle!
Baked goods at Tartine
Pretty houses in the Mission
Fancy window trim
Looks like we're in California!
Butterfly mural
Ferry Building
Tasty salted pig parts. Yum.
Checking out the wooden boats down at the maritime museum
The museum's "Small boat repair shop". Looks familiar...
Pretty lines
I bet this little guy rows right along.
I thought our boat had a lot of stays. Holy mackeral!
Another of those pretty longboats
Women drivers!
"And a cabin for my wife"
Seals at Pier 39
Beautiful gaff schooner on the bay
Windy day on a charter cat
The Golden Gate bridge
12 meter
12 meter in the harbor (they beat us home)
The ol' F line
Pretty flowers
Waiting for the ferry to Oaklans
Leaving SF
View from the parlor car
Coast starlight service
In our roomette
Rolling up the steel bridge
Here's our photo spot from a year ago
Happy anniversary to us!