A quick hike up Angels Rest to appreciate the rain and fog
Bruno enjoying a comfy quilt
Haloween crew 2012
Damsel in Distress
Riding hood and her big bad wolf
Devious intentions
Hapy birthday to Rachel! Celebrating by dressing swanky and going to a show
Perfect for the house with no closets: an antique mahogany armoir.
Beautiful inlays on the side panels
Bruno enjoys a good long walk in nature
Rachel, Jen and the Umatilla River
Bruno dressed as a river dog
We are here
Matt and Clay forge ahead
South Fork Umatilla
Giant ridgetop tree
Group photo
Valley to the East
Hilltop Meadow
Chasing the girls
Bruno having a puppy dream
Ski waxing party 2012
Day one of skiing for me, a quick few laps up to Silcox
New snow!
Steph and Andy, a more adorable pair there never was