Sam gets his holiday groove on
Hoody family. Rad.
Eva goes tree shopping
Ricky's flower market
Work with me people, alright, show me love!
Southy water supply. I find it hard to believe that 22,000 junctions like this aren't all leaking or will all be underground by freezytime.
Eva goes past the potato
Watching TV with dad
In the zone
Zoning out
Good morning time to play with the camera some more!
How's my light up head?
Decorating the tree
Ooooh yeah...
Channel 332, the yule log channel
Whatchu lookin at?
Got my Lorna Doones. I'm ready to take on the world
Petting Casey but still not letting go of my cookies.
Casey taking Eva for a walk
Life is so perfect when someone carries you
Town and country
Walking on the wall
She loves this! I'm going to get her a slackline next Christmas, and some Yerba Mate.
Rollin' down the street, Sippin' on Elmo juice. Laid back. With my mind on my mommy and my mommy on my mind.
Eva becons yonder anatine with her leaf.
Where did she go?
Zonked again after a long day of being cute.
Pround papa