Earl-y in the morning
Welcome to California!
Wow, what a deterring warning. I can just see an old man shaking his fist out the window saying "I see you kids!"
Heading up Donner Pass
Gearing up at Sugar Bowl
Can anyone tell me where the mountain is?
Top of Mt Lincoln
And through the backcountry gates we go
Donner Lake
Skins on!
First ridge
This was our general mood throughout the trip
Vis decreasing rapidly
Rachel at the top of the spur
Whoops, wrong turn!
Hark, I see a roof!
Welcome to the Benson Hut
Ken's outhouse
High Sierra Sunset
Full moon
Moonlit rim
Anderson peak towers behind the hut
Anabelle guards the hut whilst we ski
Morning laps
Rachel plows the pow
Back to the hut for another helping of bacon
More freshies as the clouds start to clear
Clearing up, time to head home. Parting in such sweet sorrow!
Packing up in the loft
Clearing out
Our chariots await
Last ridge
Our last turns from the hut
Open valley below
Anderson Peak
Cutting new snow
Rachel presses forward
Sugarbowl sunset
Gondola ride home
Bluebird day at Squaw
Rachel cuts morning turns in the headwall
KT22. Got KT?
Rachel owns the steep bumps
A good day at the mountain
All kinds of strange rules on this trip. They're just trying to slow us down.
Happy New Year!
New Years Eve in Truckee
Emerald Bay
Turns on Jakes Peak
Wow, it's really cold outside!
Bluebird day at Kirkwood
Just another day at the beach!
Riding the Iron Horse