Happy birthday Andy, Clay, Gina and Hanmi! Third annual birthday bike ride. Off to stop 2, up NE12th Ave
This is the most bikes I've ever attached to a shorty staple.
Closing Hophouse on 15th.
And moving on down the line, out Prescott to Prost on Mississippi
Gina and Jeff
Clay pulls the first boot
Andy photobombs the lovely ladies
Andy and Mel as jolly as ever
Gina and Rachel back it up
Andi Han and Sol ring in the passing of 1am
Dan puts down #4, and it's time to head to the donut shop...
Rachel and Senior Bruno sharying a sunray nap
Skinning about in White River, proving out some new gear
Where's Birdo?
Ready for the pleasant glide out
Done with the hike early, hitching up Timberline on the way home for one more run
Oscar the Snowman. Oh I.. Love... Trash!