So you ave a tiny dog. He likes to follow you everywhere but how do you enable him to follow you into the mountains for a few days in the winter? This is how.
Where are we going this time?
Twilight run up Tilly Jane
My favorite view of the night sky
Three headlamped sleds whiz by in the night
Brooke and Jer up for the sunrise
Bruno is widely awakened
Sunrise over Hood and Langrille
Let's go skiing!
Dawn patrol, sort of
Polallie canyon
It's a three volcano day!
Skis? Check. Poles? Check. Bruno? Check!
Rachel and Bruno soak up the sunshine
Tiny footprints, wherever I may roam
Mountain treats are better than other treats
Some fluffy morning turns down Bliss Creek before heading home
Earning our stripes
Bruno has gotten used to this bag idea!